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Lamb Kebabs Marinated in Abbey or Trappist Beer
LAMB KEBABS MARINATED IN ABBEY OR TRAPPIST BEER (SERVES 4) METHOD Cut the lamb into cubes of around 2cm. Mix the other ingredients in a large bowl, adding the cubes of lamb and marinate for four ho...

Geordie gems
Jeff Pickthall explores the great city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, looking for the best beer hot spots in the North East.

All the gear, no idea
Ron Allison looks at the basic equipment needed for full mash brewing at home.

The oils have it
We all know hops give beer its unique flavour, but how exactly? Daniel Cooper explains.

Chang Steamed Spare Ribs with Sweet Chilli & Peanuts
CHANG STEAMED SPARE RIBS WITH SWEET CHILLI & PEANUTS METHOD Steam the pork ribs on a rack above the beer and spices for three hours. INGREDIENTS 1 rack of pork belly ribs 1 ltr chang beer 2 strips...

Enjoying the goodlife
Ben McFarland travels to deepest darkest Dorset for a beer and food cooking demo at River Cottage HQ.

Black Magic
Roger Protz travels to St James's Gate Brewery in Dublin to celebrate the iconic brand's 250th birthday.

Czech Republic: World famous
Local man Lubomir Sedlak gives us the lowdown on beer drinking and beer culture in the Czech Republic.

Asahi Steamed Prawn Dumplings
ASAHI STEAMED PRAWN DUMPLINGS INGREDIENTS TRANSPARENT PASTRY 125g / 4 oz Chinese wheat flour 3 tablespoons cornflour 210 ml / 7 fl oz Asahi Super Dry 1 tablespoon lard FILLING 250 g/8 oz raw prawns, ...

Beer nirvana of the Midwest
Chicago is a beer lover's paradise. Mark Peters gives us a whistle stop tour of some of the city's best bars.