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Wells & Youngs Bombardier Satanic Mills

Wells & Youngs Bombardier Satanic Mills
78A very pleasant stout that is not too bitter or heavy. Along with Burning Gold (reviewed in a previous issue), it's the latest extension to the Bombardier brand.

Wells & Youngs Champion Live Beer Recommended - Winner

Wells & Youngs Champion Live Beer
80A clean, refreshing, enjoyable golden beer with a summer accent.

Wells & Youngs Christmas Pudding

Wells & Youngs Christmas Pudding
75It doesn't taste like Christmas pudding but it's great if you like coconut.

Wells & Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

Wells & Youngs Double Chocolate Stout
73A touch light in the body for its strength and not as thick and luxurious as the packaging promises. Quite a bitter stout on the whole.

Wells & Youngs Iciban

Wells & Youngs Iciban
75A dry and bitter Japanese beer, with plenty of hop character. Brewed under licence by Wells & Young's. Not a bad option with Asian cuisine, or even on its own.

Wells & Youngs Ruby Star Recommended - Winner

Wells & Youngs Ruby Star
80Unusual – a darkish beer with a pronounced hop accent. The perfumed hops will surprise many drinkers. A recent Tesco Beer Challenge winner and the first new bottle-conditioned beer to emerge from We...

Wells & Youngs Special London Ale Editors Choice - Winner

Wells & Youngs Special London Ale
83Deservedly popular bronze ale that is easier to drink than its strength would suggest.

Wells & Youngs Waggle Dance

Wells & Youngs Waggle Dance
75Refreshingly, a quaffable bitter with a firm hoppiness and a honey accent, rather than a thick, sweet honey ale.

Wells & Youngs Winter Warmer

Wells & Youngs Winter Warmer
75A somewhat frustrating red beer that keeps promising an explosion of rich, malty flavours but never quite delivers. Very pleasant all the same.

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