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200 Years of history
Daniel Thwaites is celebrating its 200th anniversary but as Dominic Roskrow reports, the company's keener to look forward than to look back.

Breweries ADNAMS, Southwold, Suffolk +44 (0)1502 727 200 CHOICE BEER: Broadside 6.3% BARTRAMS BREWERY, Rougham, Suffolk +44 (0)7790 596 539 CHOICE BEER: Jest...

Hampshire, Kent and Sussex: In the garden of England
Andrew Catchpole looks at the brewers of Hampshire, Sussex and Kent

Northern exposure
Prosaic images of England's north west – rain, flat caps, black pudding, Vimto, hot-pot, meat-and-potato pies – are easy to bring to mind but are evidence of lazy thinking. Exploration of the nort...

Beers of the World Issue 18
Football Euro Championships - The Netherlands - Beer is good for you - Brooklyn brewery - Tastings - Beer Styles - Beer and Food - North West England....and more.

Published June 2008.

Beers of the World Issue 17
Beers and breweries of East Anglia - Eisenbahn - Marston's - Canadian Beer Lovers - Cider - Recipes - Whisky Beers and much more.....

Published April 2008.

Beers of the World Issue 14
The brewers of Oz - Heineken behind the scenes - Brussels Beer Guide - Chinese Food - Experimental Brews - Wheat Beers - Thwaites - Michael Jackson tribute - Beer Styles.

Published October 2007.

Beers of the World Issue 4
Young at heart - In at the finish - England's South East - Our man in Kiev - Beer and Food - Czech beer tastings.

Published January 2006.

Thwaites Bombay Pilsner

Thwaites Bombay Pilsner
55A curry beer with plenty of taste but without much to commend it otherwise.

Thwaites Double Century Celebration Ale

Thwaites Double Century Celebration Ale
No shrinking violet – a veritable potpourri of flowery, fruity flavours from the blend of Golding and Fuggles hops, with Bramling Cross added late for maximum, perfumed impact. A little too sweet in...

Thwaites Good Elf

Thwaites Good Elf
76This is a brown ale for Christmas, so is hardly going to be at its freshest at this time of the year. Nevertheless, it's obvious that this is a tasty, satisfying beer with interesting, balanced flavou...

Thwaites Wainwright

Thwaites Wainwright
41A quaffable golden ale in memory of the Lakeland rambler-writer Alfred Wainwright.

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