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St Austell Brewery

63 Trevarthian Road
St Austell
PL25 4BY

Telephone: +44 1726 74 444
Fax: +44 1726 68 965

Scotland's biggest little brewery
Ben McFarland visits Harviestoun, a brewery at the forefront of craft brewing in Scotland.

South West: Beer booming in Hardy country
The South West of England is associated with cider production but it has a thriving brewery industry too. Adrian Tierney-Jones acts as tour guide

Stays Sharp's to the bottom of the glass (St Austell)
Sharp's is challenging St Austell as Cornwall's biggest brewer. Roger Protz visited it

Beers of the World Issue 24
Japan - Het Anker - Chicago - The Ashes - Spain & Italy - Harviestoun and much more....

Published May 2009.

Beers of the World Issue 6
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Beers of the World Issue 2
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St Austell Admiral's Ale Editors Choice - Winner

St Austell Admiral's Ale
80An innovative beer using an especially created type of dark malt and no pale malt. American hops provide a delightfully fruity contrast.

St Austell Clouded Yellow

St Austell Clouded Yellow
73An interesting re-creation of a Bavarian weissbier, using vanilla pods, cloves and coriander to replicate the natural spicy, fruity flavours created by genuine weissbier yeast. Thinner and crisper tha...

St Austell Clouded Yellow

St Austell Clouded Yellow
79A well-balanced attempt to re-create weizenbier flavours through the addition of spices rather than using a wheat beer yeast. It's not very demanding or full flavoured but it's pleasant enough.

St Austell Proper Job

St Austell Proper Job
78A surprisingly golden-coloured, bottle-conditioned IPA, drawing inspiration from the American craft-brewed model rather than the maltier Burton-on-Trent school.

St Austell Smugglers Vintage Ale Recommended - Winner

St Austell Smugglers Vintage Ale
80A blend of a dark ale and an oak-aged barley wine, with coriander thrown in for good measure. The finish is perhaps a bit too oaky and dry, and a little more sweetness throughout would probably be of ...

St Austell Tribute

St Austell Tribute
75A pleasant quaffing ale with an American accent. Not that new in bottle, but recently repackaged.

St Austell Brewery Proper Job

St Austell Brewery Proper Job
83A refreshing, dark golden beer inspired by various American IPAs and hence loaded with citrus flavours. Cornish malt is successfully employed to even up both the taste and the trans-atlantic balance. ...

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