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Peak Ales

The Barn Brewery
DE45 1EX

Telephone: +44 1246 583 737

Far from Middling (East Midlands)
Several regions of Britain could lay claim to be its most fertile beer producer. One of the least celebrated is the East Midlands. Dominic Roskrow grew up there

Beers of the World Issue 11
Cricket world cup - German beer styles - Greene King - Dogifsh Head - East Midlands - Dark Lagers and New Releases tastings - Raymond Blanc - Coopers Brewery.

Published March 2007.

Peak Ales Bakewell Best Bitter

Peak Ales Bakewell Best Bitter
75A robust and characterful, orange-golden bitter from Derbyshire that tastes stronger than the ABV suggests.

Peak Ales Gardener's Tap

Peak Ales Gardener's Tap
78A strikingly tasty yet light textured, amber-red beer brewed on and for the Chatsworth Estate. The label carries a story of how the Chatsworth gardeners used to secretly tap into a pipe carrying beer ...

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