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JW Lees & Co Ltd

Greengate Brewery
Middleton Junction
Greater Manchester
M24 2AX

Telephone: +44 161 643 2487
Fax: +44 161 655 3731

JW Lees Dragon's Fire

JW Lees Dragon's Fire
70Surprisingly malty for this day and age, but could taste a little fresher.

JW Lees Harvest Ale Editors Choice - Winner

JW Lees Harvest Ale
88A world classic barley wine that could easily be served in sherry schooners. It's brewed each autumn from the latest crops of barley and hops, and, though sweet, is exceptionally moreish – beware!

JW Lees Harvest Ales 2008

JW Lees Harvest Ales 2008
84A complex, orange-golden ale that offers something new with every sip. A year old but still on the sweet side.

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