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Islay Ales

The Brewery
Islay House Square
Isle of Islay
PA44 7NZ

Telephone: +44 1496 810 014
Fax: +44 1496 810 014

Scotland's true new Irn brews
Scotland has undergone a real ale revolution in recent years. Dominic Roskrow reports

Beers of the World Issue 9
Shepherd Neame - Scotland regional guide - Anchor Brewing - La Rulles - Ales of the Rhineland - Strong American beers - San Francisco - Family brewers.

Published November 2006.

Islay Ales Single Malt Ale

Islay Ales Single Malt Ale
78A full-value, chunky beer loaded with tangy hops – a terrific partner for a ripe stilton or an extra mature cheddar.

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