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Hook Norton Brewery

Brewery Lane
Hook Norton
OX15 5NY

Telephone: +44 1608 737 210
Fax: +44 1608 730 294

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Hook Norton Cotswold Lion

Hook Norton Cotswold Lion
75A full-flavoured golden ale contributing 5p a bottle to preserve the Cotswold Area of Natural Beauty. The Cotswold Lion is a type of sheep with a long mane.

Hook Norton Double Stout
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Stout – Standard - Winner – Tied Recommended - Winner

Hook Norton Double Stout
83A fine, dry, deep ruby-coloured stout, fresh, crisp and clean. Now available bottle conditioned.

Hook Norton Haymaker

Hook Norton Haymaker
78Full flavoured, crisp, dry and nicely refreshing. One of a number of quality golden ales from this revered Oxfordshire family brewery.

Hook Norton Hooky Gold

Hook Norton Hooky Gold
78A good value, full-flavoured yet nicely balanced golden ale that includes American Willamette hops.

Hook Norton Twelve Days

Hook Norton Twelve Days
78An attractive ruby ale with a chocolate orange character.

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