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Hambleton Ales

Unit 2a Barker Business Park
Melmerby Green Lane
North Yorkshire

Telephone: +44 1765 640 108

Going against the grain
If you're a coeliac or have a gluten intolerance, then you have to avoid cereals like wheat and barley. But what happens if you're a beer lover? Daniel Cooper reports.

Beers of the World Issue 18
Football Euro Championships - The Netherlands - Beer is good for you - Brooklyn brewery - Tastings - Beer Styles - Beer and Food - North West England....and more.

Published June 2008.

Hambleton GFL

Hambleton GFL
60The letters stand for Gluten Free Lager. This very pale brew has been created with coeliac disease sufferers in mind. It certainly fulfils a useful role, but it's an acquired taste. Obviously the suga...

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