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Greene King PLC

Westgate Brewery
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 1QT

Telephone: +44 1284 763 222
Fax: +44 1284 706 502

Hail to the King (Greene King)
Greene King has grown from its Suffolk base to become a national company. Dominic Roskrow went to Bury St Edmunds to rediscover its roots

Beers of the World Issue 11
Cricket world cup - German beer styles - Greene King - Dogifsh Head - East Midlands - Dark Lagers and New Releases tastings - Raymond Blanc - Coopers Brewery.

Published March 2007.

Greene King Old Crafty Hen Recommended - Winner

Greene King Old Crafty Hen
81A variation on a theme. This beer takes the oak-aged Old 5X that Greene King normally blends with a young beer to create Strong Suffolk and marries it with Old Speckled Hen.

Greene King Suffolk Springer

Greene King Suffolk Springer
78A big-flavoured, ruby beer, but perhaps the fruit cake notes are a bit over the top. According to the label, a ‘springer' is a racehorse whose odds dramatically shorten just before a race.

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