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Green Man Brewing & Tasting Room

23 Buxton Avenue

Telephone: +1 828 252 5502
Fax: 828 252 5598

Green Man Best Bitter

Green Man Best Bitter
78A good, robust beer with a nice sweetness in the mouth and a satisfyingly bitter finish. This was first tasted here in 2006 and the flavour profile seems quite different today, and for the better.

Green Man Dark Mild

Green Man Dark Mild
75A mild that delivers on taste even if it seems a touch too bitter for the style. The first of four beers from an environmentally-conscious New Zealand brewery.

Green Man Strong Editors Choice - Winner

Green Man Strong
85It may be a little light for its strength but this copper-red beer – a blend of a best bitter and a doppelbock that has been aged in whisky casks – is a success. It compares very favourably with t...

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