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Telephone: +44 1984 623 798

South West: Beer booming in Hardy country
The South West of England is associated with cider production but it has a thriving brewery industry too. Adrian Tierney-Jones acts as tour guide

Beers of the World Issue 2
Ireland - Trappist beers - South West England - The Fat Duck - Freedom Brewery - Cobra.

Published November 2005.

Exmoor Ales Brewery Beast

Exmoor Ales Brewery Beast
78The front label describes Exmoor Beast simply as a ‘strong ale', but when you read the small print on the reverse, its origins in the porter style are made clear.

Exmoor Brewery Gold

Exmoor Brewery Gold
75One of the longest-established golden ales, dating back to the mid-1980s. Enjoy the rich, smooth maltiness.

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