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Worthy of praise
Pete Brown visits the Worthington White Shield Brewery to explore the history of one of Burton's most legendary beers.

Beers of the World Issue 22
Belgium - Sports Calendar - Russian River - South West England - White Shield - Wood-aged beers and much more....

Published January 2009.

Carling C2

Carling C2
Clear pale gold, nice tight head. Pepper aroma, neutral taste with the merest hint of hop. Medium-bodied, dry palate is dominated by faint sweet malt and a slight bitterness.

Cobra King Cobra

Cobra King Cobra
78Elegantly packaged, unusual, bottle-conditioned strong lager with good, fresh flavours.

Cobra Lower Cal Lower Carb

Cobra Lower Cal Lower Carb
73Totally undemanding beer for a specialist segment of the market.

Coors Carling

Coors Carling
66Uninspiring, characterless beer lacking freshness. The canned version.

Coors Worthington's White Shield Recommended - Winner

Coors Worthington's White Shield
85Very well balanced and always interesting, this 19th century survivor of the original IPA boom is all too easy to drink for its strength. Credit to Coors for investing in this erstwhile badly-abused b...

Grolsch Weizen
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Wheat Beer - Winner World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Grain Only Wheat Beer - Winner – Tied

Grolsch Weizen
Sweet and fruit with a wheaty dryness. An appetising nose of banana, pear and cloves. An easy-drinking weissbier,

Worthington's White Shield Editors Choice - Winner

Worthington's White Shield
83A classy, wonderfully balanced copper ale that continues to be at the head of the field of bottle-conditioned beers.

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