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Camerons Brewing

Lion Brewery
TS24 7QS

Telephone: +44 1429 266 666
Fax: +44 1429 868 198

Cameron's Castle Eden Ale

Cameron's Castle Eden Ale
63Sadly, it all goes downhill after the aroma, with oxidation obscuring all the intended flavours of what, in its cask form, is an enjoyable, malty-sweet Northern ale.

Cameron's Strong Arm

Cameron's Strong Arm
65Disappointing. Strongarm is a lovely beer on draught, with an attractive ruby complexion, but it tastes rather thin here, with wet paper oxidation notes detracting from the complex malt and hop flavou...

Cameron's Trophy

Cameron's Trophy
65Regrettably, like the other Camerons beers, ruined by oxidation. Beyond that huge distraction, one glimpses a fair example of the sweeter North-eastern style of bitter. A relic from the Whitbread empi...

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