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Brasserie Lefebvre

Chemin du Croly, 52
Brabant Wallon

Telephone: +32 67 67 07 66
Fax: +32 67 67 02 38

Belgium - Beer country
Charles D cook explores Belgium, the ultimate destination for any beer fan.

Beers of the World Issue 16
New York Beer Guide - Belgium Beers - North East England - Ringwood Brewery - Zatec Brewery - Truth about sugar - Beer Styles ESB - Coopers and Barrel making.

Published January 2008.

Lefebvre Blanche de Bruxelles

Lefebvre Blanche de Bruxelles
75An easy-drinking, hazy yellow beer with fairly subtle flavours. Nicely balanced.

Lefébvre Hopus

Lefébvre Hopus
75A golden ale, hoppy by name and nature, but too strong for its own good. 8.5% ABV says the label and it tastes every bit of it.

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