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Brasserie De Saverne

S.A. Boite Postale 19

Western Europe - Beer from wine country
Although better associated with grape than grain, the nations of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal still have much to offer the beer lover. Richard Jones reports

Beers of the World Issue 15
The Best Beers in the World - Special Awards Edition - Wells & Young's - Beer & music - International focus - Italy, Spain and France - Breweries of Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent - Weltenburger - Belgium - And more....

Published December 2007.

Brasserie de Saverne  Kasteel Cru

Brasserie de Saverne Kasteel Cru
78An interesting, very pale lager fermented with a Champagne yeast. Spritzy and refreshing but may have more appeal for wine drinkers than beer fans.

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