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Batemans Brewery

PE24 4JE

Telephone: +44 1754 880 317

Good honest values
On the face of it family brewer Batemans might seem to be a traditional small time regional brewer, but it's anything but. Innovation, good business practice and an emphasis on fun are all part of the...

Beers of the World Issue 23
Primator - 7 Page Cider Special - Batemans - Morrissey & Richard Fox - Scotland & much, much more....

Published March 2009.

Batemans Dark Lord

Batemans Dark Lord
77A deep garnet/ruby porter, named in honour of English Civil War commander Thomas Fairfax. Full-flavoured and satisfying.

Batemans Rosey Nosey

Batemans Rosey Nosey
78A good value, red-amber beer that is full of character.

Batemans Summer Swallow

Batemans Summer Swallow
75A pleasant, clean, very light drinking bitter with an informative back label where a bar chart – similar to the one used by Badger – graphically displays the flavour profile of the beer.

Batemans Valiant Editors Choice - Winner

Batemans Valiant
80A robust, tasty and highly satisfying, dark golden best bitter.

Batemans Victory Ale

Batemans Victory Ale
75A strong copper ale for lovers of estery fruit flavours.

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