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Adnams Sole Bay Brewery

Sole Bay Brewery
East Green
IP18 6JW

Telephone: +44 1502 727 200
Fax: +44 1502 727 201

Adnams East Green Carbon Neutral

Adnams East Green Carbon Neutral
78A nicely balanced celebration of ecofriendly brewing from the green guys in Southwold. It's not as hoppy as other recent Adnams additions such as Explorer and Innovation, but pleasant nonetheless. The...

Adnams Explorer

Adnams Explorer
78Flavour-loaded, dark golden beer designed to be served chilled.

Adnams Gunhill Editors Choice - Winner

Adnams Gunhill
83A red-amber-coloured beer with fruit cake flavours you expect in a beer of a much greater strength.

Adnams Innovation Editors Choice - Winner

Adnams Innovation
85A mighty, limited-edition beer. ‘Serve chilled', says the label, and the flavours are so robust that you can really get away with it. The name celebrates the brewery's advances in energy-efficient p...

Adnams Lighthouse

Adnams Lighthouse
74A clean and quaffable, bright amber session ale, with plenty of taste for the ABV.

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