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Thornbridge Alliance Strong Ale Madeira Reserve 2007 Recommended - Winner

Thornbridge Alliance Strong Ale Madeira Reserve 2007
87The first of three limited collection beers, this orange-amber beer offers a great mix of flavours, with oak playing its part but not totally dominant.

Thornbridge Alliance Strong Ale PX Reserve 2007

Thornbridge Alliance Strong Ale PX Reserve 2007
70An orange-amber ale with good body, a good airy texture and plenty of taste, even if the oak tends to outpoint rather than complement other flavours.

Thornbridge Bracia

Thornbridge Bracia
84This near-black beer is a meal in a glass, but you need to like honey to really enjoy it.

Thornbridge Jaipur Recommended - Winner

Thornbridge Jaipur
80A very successful golden IPA that has turned many heads since it arrived on the scene last year. The beer is available in both filtered and bottle-conditioned versions. The above notes are based on th...

Thornbridge Jaipur IPA

Thornbridge Jaipur IPA
80The very pale golden colour belies the depth of flavour in this robust IPA. It's almost a meal in a glass.

Thornbridge Kipling Recommended - Winner

Thornbridge Kipling
80Described as a ‘South Pacific pale ale', thanks to the inclusion of rare Nelson Sauvin hops. Another first-class beer from Thornbridge, although perhaps a bit too intensely flavoured for some.

Thornbridge McConnel's

Thornbridge McConnel's
78A vanilla stout, flavour-packed and interesting, as we've come to expect from Thornbridge Brewery.

Thornbridge Saint Petersburg

Thornbridge Saint Petersburg
78A full-bodied, full-flavoured recreation of the imperial Russian stout style, but with a tropical fruit note and a rather intense, bitter finish.

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