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Beer Tasting Theme - Porters is all about the taste. Find the beer you want to taste by searching through our comprehensive archive, and should we not have a beer you expect, just let us know and we will do our best to taste it. Just email Sophie Donovan.


Alaskan Smoked Porter 2006 Editors Choice - Winner

Alaskan Smoked Porter 2006
88The peaty smoke flavours take a bit of getting used to but this is a surprisingly easy drinking strong porter that would work wonderfully with shellfish. A world classic.

Browary Polskie Brok-Strzelec Brok Porter

Browary Polskie Brok-Strzelec Brok Porter
75A bizarre Polish beer, full of character, as Baltic region porters tend to be. It probably won't suit everyone's palate, but it does grow on you.

Fuller's London Porter
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Porter - Winner Recommended - Winner

Fuller's London Porter
85A rich and satisfying porter, created in the 1990s and stamped with the Fuller's hallmark of quality.

Lovibonds Henley Dark

Lovibonds Henley Dark
75A porter made from seven malts, including malt smoked over local Chiltern beechwood.

Meantime London Porter Recommended - Winner

Meantime London Porter
85Complex – far more than a straight roasted-grain-dominated porter – but easy-drinking, despite its obvious strength. Good light body, too, and splendid corked-bottle presentation.

Primátor Double 24% Recommended - Winner

Primátor Double 24%
83An exceptionally sweet Czech porter – complex and packed with flavour.

Shepherd Neame Original Porter

Shepherd Neame Original Porter
75Well balanced, with pleasant, wintry flavours, although perhaps lacking a bit of body, as it dries quickly.

St Peter's Honey Porter

St Peter's Honey Porter
75St Peter's are imaginative brewers, but they've overplayed the honey in this one and it detracts from the flavours of the base beer, rather than complementing them. That said, surprisingly it's not to...

St Peter's Old-Style Porter Recommended - Winner

St Peter's Old-Style Porter
80As its name reveals, this is a porter produced the old way, by blending aged beer with a younger brew. It's full of flavour, yet well balanced. A good, hefty, ultimately bitter porter.

Top of the chocs (Beer & Chocolate)
Ben McFarland gets all gooey at a beer and chocolate tasting

A salt on the senses (Beer & Seafood)
Beer can make a great accompaniment to salty seafood. Ben McFarland reports

Perfect with porter
In the latest of our series on beer and food, Ben McFarland looks at what to eat with porter.

Pale and Interesting
Our panel of experts give you their take on what to munch with pale ale.

Still cock of the North
Manchester might have lost its 'cream' in the form of Boddingtons Brewery, but the self styled 'Capital of the North' remains a prime destination for beer lovers writes Richard Jones.

Everything you need to know about cask conditioning
In the latest in our series Nigel Huddleston looks at the role of the cask in production

Ireland: Stout to the top
Ireland's beer consumption has been dominated by stout in general and Guinness in particular. But as the country changes through new wealth, are its drinking patterns changing too?

Japan - Land of the rising sun
Although the big brewers still dominate, new regional brewers are springing up all the time, reports Andrew Burnyeat

The Netherlands - Dutch courage
The Netherlands has had a rough ride from beer aficionados but is it really that bad? Dominic Roskrow reports

The Baltics - Baltic blitz
The Eastern European countries of Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Latvia are still producing some exciting beers. Adrian Tierney-Jones reports

The Baltics - Eurostars
Adrian Tierney-Jones gives us the low down on some exciting Baltic countries producing excellent beers.

USA: The American revolution
What the heck is going on with craft beer in the USA and who is responsible? George Lenker gives us the low-down.

East Anglia: Full of Eastern promise
East Anglia has emerged from the shadow of one large brewer and is producing some of Britain's most exciting beers. Andrew Burnyeat reports

South West: Beer booming in Hardy country
The South West of England is associated with cider production but it has a thriving brewery industry too. Adrian Tierney-Jones acts as tour guide

North West: Still very much a family affair
The North-West of England is still a healthy area for quality beer. Andrew Catchpole picks out the best buys

London calling
Andrew Catchpole looks at the beers and breweries of Greater London, Middlesex and Surrey

A light in the Black country (West Midlands)
England's West Midlands has long been a beer heartland, built on its industrial past. Roger Protz looks at what is on offer these days

Marston's of the universe
Pete Brown visits Marston's Brewery in Burton upon Trent home of the legendary Burton Unions.

Black Magic
Roger Protz travels to St James's Gate Brewery in Dublin to celebrate the iconic brand's 250th birthday.

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