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Beer Tasting Theme - Baltic is all about the taste. Find the beer you want to taste by searching through our comprehensive archive, and should we not have a beer you expect, just let us know and we will do our best to taste it. Just email Sophie Donovan.


Baltika  No. 3 Classix

Baltika No. 3 Classix
73A well-balanced if not very exciting strong lager from Russia's biggest brewery. All the Baltika beers are numbered (no. 6 is a porter and no. 8 is a wheat beer).

Svyturys Svyturio

Svyturys Svyturio
78An enjoyable, clean-tasting, hoppy lager. The brewery – the oldest in Lithuania – is part of the Baltic Beverages group.

Utenos Porter

Utenos Porter
78An unusual porter – there are no coffee or pronounced chocolate flavours and the body is rather full. Lithuanian beers clearly state whether or not they are pasteurised (which this one is), so full ...

Utenos Utenos

Utenos Utenos
73It could be a touch cleaner, perhaps, but this golden lager certainly has character. An interesting beer to work with for food pairing, considering the lemon accent. The label boasts that the brewery ...

Zhiguliovskoye Zhiguliovskoye

Zhiguliovskoye Zhiguliovskoye
63A Russian lager with unusual flavours, but lacking finesse. Unless they come up with Western-style labels, you're going to have a heck of a job finding this beer on the shelf. Even the name is in Cyri...

Zywiec Zywiec

Zywiec Zywiec
65A full-bodied, sweetish, pale golden lager with a decent hop balance but, on this tasting, unfortunate oxidation (wet paper) notes dominating. Part of the Heineken empire.

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