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Beers, ales and lagers come in many types, styles and variations. Please choose from the styles listed to find more of the beers you like.

Pale Ale : Speciality

Boon Brewery Geuze Mariage Parfait (2003 Vintage) Editors Choice - Winner

Boon Brewery Geuze Mariage Parfait (2003 Vintage)
85Not as shocking to the palate as many gueuzes but challenging nonetheless. Sweet and commercial this is not, but it is perhaps just mellow enough to offer a starting point for gueuze novices.

Oud Beersel Bersalis

Oud Beersel Bersalis
78The strength is a bit too obvious, making it less subtle and seductive than other tripels but this rich, golden, Belgian beer certainly doesn't stint on flavour or power.

Sharp's Gentle Jane

Sharp's Gentle Jane
81A Belgium-inspired ‘Cornish sour ale', brewed with mixed yeast cultures. Blonde an effervescent, with nods towards Orval, it makes a welcome change from the typical British golden ale. A great aperi...

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Ben McFarland visits Harviestoun, a brewery at the forefront of craft brewing in Scotland.

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