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Pale Ale : Old / Vintage Ale / Oud Bruin

Coopers Vintage Ale 2008

Coopers Vintage Ale 2008
78This beer is still young, and should grow old gracefully in the next few years. At the moment, it's just too far up the solvent end for my liking.

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2005 Editors Choice - Winner

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2005
83An easy-drinking (for its strength), complex bottle-conditioned ale with a lighter finish than anticipated.

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2006

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2006
80This year's model is not quite as sweet as some previous offerings (the hops this time are Fuggles and Styrians). It's very good already but needs time to mellow.

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2007 Editors Choice - Winner

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2007
88One of the highlights of every year is the release of Fuller's Vintage Ale. This year's brew has a prominent hop character that is likely to change considerably over time.

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2008 Editors Choice - Winner

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2008
81As classy as ever, but perhaps not the most complex of Vintage Ales for a few years. It'll be interesting to re-taste in a year or two's time.

Sharp's Single Brew Reserve 2008

Sharp's Single Brew Reserve 2008
83Pleasant and clean, with various levels of flavour, but it's a bit thin and understated overall.

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