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Pale Ale : IPA

BrewDog How to Disappear Completely

BrewDog How to Disappear Completely
78A brave attempt to pack the extravagant hop character found in strong American beers into a session bitter. It's an interesting idea, and certainly showcases the wonders of hops, but without the alcoh...

Cervesera Montseny Lupulus

Cervesera Montseny Lupulus
78The name means hop and this light-golden beer from Spain is totally devoted to that esteemed plant. Fresh, crisp and drinkable but expect only tangy, lemony bitterness.

Coors Worthington's White Shield Recommended - Winner

Coors Worthington's White Shield
85Very well balanced and always interesting, this 19th century survivor of the original IPA boom is all too easy to drink for its strength. Credit to Coors for investing in this erstwhile badly-abused b...

Daleside Brewery Alnwick IPA

Daleside Brewery Alnwick IPA
78A fine beer with the authentic IPA hopping, if not exactly the true strength of a genuine IPA. Packed with taste for its strength. Brewed for Alnwick by Daleside Brewery.

Darwin Brewery Rolling Hitch Recommended - Winner

Darwin Brewery Rolling Hitch
80Light and delicate for such a hoppy and strong beer. A very quaffable golden IPA from the North-East that was the winner of Asda's bottled beer competition in 2005.

Flying Dog Snake Dog Editors Choice - Winner

Flying Dog Snake Dog
85Fans of highly-hopped American beers will love this amber-orange IPA, but other drinkers will find it too unbalanced. I fall into the former camp.

Goose Island Beer Co Indian Pale Ale Recommended - Winner

Goose Island Beer Co Indian Pale Ale
88A world classic. Scored down a touch this time – perhaps the company it's keeping in this round of tasting is more challenging. Still outstanding, nonetheless.

Greene King IPA Export Strength

Greene King IPA Export Strength
73A pleasant enough and interesting progression from the often insipid standard Greene King IPA, but it fails to deliver what's really needed in a proper IPA – full body and a good smack of hops.

Greene King IPA Exports Strength Recommended - Winner

Greene King IPA Exports Strength
80Well-balanced and tasty: a cut above Greene King's standard IPA. Scores more highly this time than in an earlier tasting.

Hampshire Pride of Romsey

Hampshire Pride of Romsey
78A tasty, nicely balanced, copper coloured beer with a prominent but happily not over-stated hoppiness.

Harpoon IPA Recommended - Winner

Harpoon IPA
80A very well-balanced American IPA, but rather mellow for this often aggressive style.

Joseph Holt Pioneer

Joseph Holt Pioneer
75Gloriously hoppy in the Holt style, this bottle-conditioned beer features Pioneer hops.

Marston's Old Empire

Marston's Old Empire
75A nicely-balanced golden ale with a good hop presence. Very quaffable for its strength, but could taste a bit fresher (the sample tasted was approaching its best before date).

Okell's 1907

Okell's 1907
73The label suggests this celebratory beer will chill well, and the body and hoppiness will probably ensure it does. Brewed to mark 100 years of the TT races on the Isle of Man, effectively packing all ...

Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Organic Ale

Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Organic Ale
75A rather delicate, low-key, Kentish amber ale that would certainly be more impressive on draught, but pleasant and quaffable all the same. Its name suggests a pairing with oysters, but that's not been...

Shongweni Robson's Durban Pale Ale

Shongweni Robson's Durban Pale Ale
78Unfortunately, this South African beer was rather lively on opening, which meant that the sediment lifted and the beer became thicker and chewier than intended. The flavours remained good, however.

St Austell Proper Job

St Austell Proper Job
78A surprisingly golden-coloured, bottle-conditioned IPA, drawing inspiration from the American craft-brewed model rather than the maltier Burton-on-Trent school.

St Austell Brewery Proper Job

St Austell Brewery Proper Job
83A refreshing, dark golden beer inspired by various American IPAs and hence loaded with citrus flavours. Cornish malt is successfully employed to even up both the taste and the trans-atlantic balance. ...

St Peter's Indian Pale Ale

St Peter's Indian Pale Ale
73A demandingly hoppy drink that grabs you by the tastebuds. A little more malt wouldn't go amiss.

Thornbridge Jaipur Recommended - Winner

Thornbridge Jaipur
80A very successful golden IPA that has turned many heads since it arrived on the scene last year. The beer is available in both filtered and bottle-conditioned versions. The above notes are based on th...

Thornbridge Jaipur IPA

Thornbridge Jaipur IPA
80The very pale golden colour belies the depth of flavour in this robust IPA. It's almost a meal in a glass.

Tui Brewery East India Pale Ale

Tui Brewery East India Pale Ale
75Dark amber in colour and unusually sweet for a beer that bears the name IPA. An interesting but quite thin beer from a long-established New Zealand brewery.

Williams Brothers IPA

Williams Brothers IPA
79A very decent IPA served in a smart, tempting bottle.

Worthington's White Shield Editors Choice - Winner

Worthington's White Shield
83A classy, wonderfully balanced copper ale that continues to be at the head of the field of bottle-conditioned beers.

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