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Beers, ales and lagers come in many types, styles and variations. Please choose from the styles listed to find more of the beers you like.

Pale Ale : Flavoured

Arkell's Bee's Organic Ale Editors Choice - Winner

Arkell's Bee's Organic Ale
80A very pleasant, unpasteurised, golden/orange beer with clean, fresh flavours.

Samuel Adams White Ale

Samuel Adams White Ale
Great aroma of coriander, wheat and butter. Typical phenolic nose with complex aniseedy notes, dry palate reflecting closely the nose with a touch of citrus and spices added.

Sharp's Chalky's Bark

Sharp's Chalky's Bark
81A well-balanced and rather subtle ginger beer, with the spice most evident in the glow it leaves in the finish. Smooth and quaffable.

Sharp's Chalky's Bite Editors Choice - Winner

Sharp's Chalky's Bite
83A very effective, carefully created, Belgian-style ale that includes a subtle dose of wild fennel seeds. Produced in conjunction with seafood chef Rick Stein, whose Jack Russell terrier lends its name...

A very big house in the country (Thornbridge Hall)
Richard Jones dons his gladrags for an evening of fine beer and food at the magnificent setting of Thornbridge Hall in the Peak District

In hop heaven
Ben McFarland asks a panel of experts for their food pairings with the eminently hoppy India pale ales

Toronto the good
Canada is a major player in the beer revolution that is sweeping North America. Robert Hughey seeks out the beer venues in its largest city.

Going against the grain
If you're a coeliac or have a gluten intolerance, then you have to avoid cereals like wheat and barley. But what happens if you're a beer lover? Daniel Cooper reports.

Australia - The brewers of Oz
For years we've been told that Australians wouldn't give a XXX

Western Europe - Beer from wine country
Although better associated with grape than grain, the nations of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal still have much to offer the beer lover. Richard Jones reports

Italy & Spain: A brave new world
Italy and Spain might be best known for wine, or for cold lagers suitable for quenching a Mediterranean thirst, but there's a lot more going on. Adrian Tierney-Jones reports.

Hampshire, Kent and Sussex: In the garden of England
Andrew Catchpole looks at the brewers of Hampshire, Sussex and Kent

The beers of Eire
Iorwerth Griffiths explains that there's more to Ireland than stout.

World Beer Awards 2011
world beer awards 2011 intro html pthe 2011 world beer awards saw a surge in entries and judging began its lengthy meticulous process in june with more rounds and judges taking part more than ever in ...