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Beer, ale, lager and stout styles and categories

Beers, ales and lagers come in many types, styles and variations. Please choose from the styles listed to find more of the beers you like.

Lager : Premium (inc. Doppel Bock)

Bali Hai Premium

Bali Hai Premium
63An undemanding premium lager from Indonesia. Not horrid, but there are faults which prevent it from being enjoyable.

Cains Double Bock Beer Editors Choice - Winner

Cains Double Bock Beer
85A dangerously easy-drinking strong lager with clean, full flavours and excellent balance. A terrific addition to the everexpanding range of beers from Liverpool's biggest brewery.

Krusovice Imperial

Krusovice Imperial
75An interesting alternative to the sweeter, more full-bodied pilsners but the lack of body makes it a little unsatisfying.

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