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Beer, ale, lager and stout styles and categories

Beers, ales and lagers come in many types, styles and variations. Please choose from the styles listed to find more of the beers you like.

Lager : Dark

Alhambra Mezquita

Alhambra Mezquita
75A dark copper lager brewed in Cordoba, Spain, home to a stunning 10th century mosque (mezquita). Rather strong for sipping in the blinding Spanish sun.

Asahi Black

Asahi Black
73Crisp but somewhat characterless for a black beer. Not unpleasant by any means but it promises more than it delivers.

Bennett's Classic Black Recommended - Winner

Bennett's Classic Black
83A rich, mellow, ruby-coloured stout that, being fairly sweet, would pair wonderfully well with some creamy desserts.

Bernard Cerne Pivo Editors Choice - Winner

Bernard Cerne Pivo
An interesting and complex, unpasteurised, fresh-tasting black lager from a family-run Czech brewery.

BrewDog Zeitgeist

BrewDog Zeitgeist
78A black lager that drinks like a crisp, clean stout and is likely to be of more appeal to stout drinkers than lager buyers.

Budweiser Budvar Czech Dark Lager Editors Choice - Winner

Budweiser Budvar Czech Dark Lager
80The mellow roasted grain flavours are very enjoyable but it's the crispness and lightness that are the making of this beer.

Budwesier Budvar  Czech Dark Lager
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Lager - Winner World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Dark Lager - Winner World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Dark Premium Lager - Winner Editors Choice - Winner

Budwesier Budvar Czech Dark Lager
88Clean, crisp and loaded with flavour. Full of character and taste yet surprisingly mellow at the same time. An excellent addition to the Budvar range.

Eisenbahn Dunkel

Eisenbahn Dunkel
85A clean-tasting, highly quaffable showcase for dark malts without the heaviness of a stout or a porter. The first of this month's excellent beers from a Brazilian microbrewery.

Full Sail Session Black

Full Sail Session Black
75A garnet-brown lager with enjoyable flavours on the whole and decent balance, but it would be a lot better if it were a little fresher.

Kaltenberg Dunkel

Kaltenberg Dunkel
78Quite a challenging dunkel with lots of character, brewed at Prince Luitpold of Bavaria's fairy tale castle.

Krusovice Cerne

Krusovice Cerne
75A tasty but very light-bodied beer, in line with its modest strength.

Köstritzer Schwarzbier

Köstritzer Schwarzbier
78A traditional ‘black beer' with character from the old East Germany, now in the care of Bitburger.

Meantime Union
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Vienna Red Premium Lager - Winner Editors Choice - Winner

Meantime Union
80A tasty, quaffable and well balanced beer. The Cascade hops are held nicely in check in this Vienna-style lager.

Ochakovo Premium Black

Ochakovo Premium Black
77A deep ruby, Russian lager that is mellow and easy to drink. There are no striking flavours but instead a good mix of dark malt notes.

Primator Premium Dark

Primator Premium Dark
Rich chocolate aroma and flavour but with malt and hop dryness, grass and caramel aroma. Sweet and sugary in the mouth with a trace of roast and resinous hop. A rich, subtle and extremely drinkable da...

Regent Bohemia Dark Lager

Regent Bohemia Dark Lager
75An enjoyable dark Czech beer that has been available in the UK for a number of years.

Riegele Aechtes Dunkel

Riegele Aechtes Dunkel
70A rust-coloured, German dark lager with a pleasant nutty character. It doesn't quite come off in the bottle, however, but would be well worth trying fresh, on draught.

Sainsbury's  Franconian Style Dark Lager

Sainsbury's Franconian Style Dark Lager
80A full value, tasty beer with clean flavours and good balance. Franconia is the northern part of Bavaria.

Samuel Adams Black Lager

Samuel Adams Black Lager
78Tasty and mellow with plenty of dark malt flavours yet little of the associated bitterness.

Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel

Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel
78A clean and suppable, very nutty beer. This and the Asam Bock bear the ‘Weltenburger Kloster' name, which means they are still produced at the Weltenburg monastery in the world's second oldest brewe...

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BREWHOUSE Walsall New kid on the block. Beers only started appearing in May 2008 Tel: +44 (0)759 192 3370 DANIEL BATHAM & SON Dudley Bathams was established in 1882 when D...

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