Beer Producing Countries

Beer producing regions and countries

Beer is brewed in almost every country of the world, and if we have tasted it then it will appear under its country of production.

New Zealand

Bennett's Belgium Strong

Bennett's Belgium Strong
75An easy-drinking strong ale from New Zealand. It doesn't have the idiosyncrasy or bold character of the best Belgian ales but it's well balanced and pleasant all the same.

Bennett's Classic Black Recommended - Winner

Bennett's Classic Black
83A rich, mellow, ruby-coloured stout that, being fairly sweet, would pair wonderfully well with some creamy desserts.

Bennett's Wellington Lager

Bennett's Wellington Lager
A well-balanced beer with plenty of flavour. This and the other Bennett's beers reviewed are contract brewed for New Zealand beer marketer Maurice Bennett, who doesn't run a brewery.

Green Man Best Bitter

Green Man Best Bitter
75A dark golden, English-style organic best bitter from New Zealand with plenty of body thanks to its chunky malt base.

Green Man Best Bitter

Green Man Best Bitter
78A good, robust beer with a nice sweetness in the mouth and a satisfyingly bitter finish. This was first tasted here in 2006 and the flavour profile seems quite different today, and for the better.

Green Man Celt

Green Man Celt
76A New Zealand take on a ‘dark English ale', blended with beer aged in whisky oak for three months. Nicely done, with the wood influences pleasant and subtle.

Green Man Dark Mild

Green Man Dark Mild
75A mild that delivers on taste even if it seems a touch too bitter for the style. The first of four beers from an environmentally-conscious New Zealand brewery.

Green Man Lager

Green Man Lager
73On the whole a decent organic lager from New Zealand with a good, satisfying finish. The malt base is lush and deep but it's a shame the hops aren't a bit cleaner.

Green Man Strong Editors Choice - Winner

Green Man Strong
85It may be a little light for its strength but this copper-red beer – a blend of a best bitter and a doppelbock that has been aged in whisky casks – is a success. It compares very favourably with t...

Tui Brewery East India Pale Ale

Tui Brewery East India Pale Ale
75Dark amber in colour and unusually sweet for a beer that bears the name IPA. An interesting but quite thin beer from a long-established New Zealand brewery.

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