Beer Producing Countries

Beer producing regions and countries

Beer is brewed in almost every country of the world, and if we have tasted it then it will appear under its country of production.


Asahi Black

Asahi Black
73Crisp but somewhat characterless for a black beer. Not unpleasant by any means but it promises more than it delivers.

Minoh Beer Stout

Minoh Beer Stout
Deep black with dark chocolate and freshly ground coffee to the aroma... Silky textured with sweet rounded malt opening... Slightly sweet finish with chewy, caramelised malts and burnt toffee... Rich,...

Swan Lake Amber Swan Ale

Swan Lake Amber Swan Ale
Reddish amber in colour and slightly hazy... the nose pulsates with a hum of hops... Slightly creamy but in the midst a massive blast of ripe citrus hoppiness, a backbone of stern grainy malt upon whi...

Oriental express
Last issue we got stuck into one of the gastonomic world's greatest creations - beer and curry. Now we explore beer's other perfect partner - a Chinese takeaway! Ben McFarland picks up his chopsticks

Leader Leeds
Yorkshires unofficial capital city is the place for historic pubs, great nightlife and world class beer. Richard Jones went for a stroll

The Philadelphia story
Jack Curtin spends a day discovering the beers and bars of this Pennsylvania city

The heart of Europe
Charles D Cook discovers the beers and bars of the Belgian capital

Toronto the good
Canada is a major player in the beer revolution that is sweeping North America. Robert Hughey seeks out the beer venues in its largest city.

Birra! Birra! Birra!
Adrian Tierney-Jones takes a beer lover's tour of Milan, a great base to explore Italy's burgeoning beer scene.

Beer nirvana of the Midwest
Chicago is a beer lover's paradise. Mark Peters gives us a whistle stop tour of some of the city's best bars.

Everything you need to know about...cans
This issue, Nigel Huddleston looks at the history of the humble can

Japan - Land of the rising sun
Although the big brewers still dominate, new regional brewers are springing up all the time, reports Andrew Burnyeat

Australia - The brewers of Oz
For years we've been told that Australians wouldn't give a XXX

Canada - The great white north
Don Tse takes us on a journey to discover the beers and breweries of Canada.

Germany - A very stately brewery
Roger Protz visits German brewery Weihenstephan, the oldest brewery in the world.

Japan: Big in Japan
Matthew Knott gets to grips with the beer scene in Japan.

South West: Beer booming in Hardy country
The South West of England is associated with cider production but it has a thriving brewery industry too. Adrian Tierney-Jones acts as tour guide

Scotland's new national drink
The opportunity to drink a few beers in Scotland has Alastair Gilmour on a ‘high'.

Scotland's biggest little brewery
Ben McFarland visits Harviestoun, a brewery at the forefront of craft brewing in Scotland.