Beer Producing Countries

Beer producing regions and countries

Beer is brewed in almost every country of the world, and if we have tasted it then it will appear under its country of production.


Brasserie de Saverne  Kasteel Cru

Brasserie de Saverne Kasteel Cru
78An interesting, very pale lager fermented with a Champagne yeast. Spritzy and refreshing but may have more appeal for wine drinkers than beer fans.

Castelain Ch'ti Blonde

Castelain Ch'ti Blonde
68A blonde French beer that is a touch too thick in the finish.

Kronenbourg  Blanc

Kronenbourg Blanc
68The white bottle is a triumph of style over substance. It says absolutely nothing about the beer, which itself is a bit of an enigma. This tastes has none and tastes very artificial. Beer lovers will...

Les Brasseurs De Gayant Gayanttequieros

Les Brasseurs De Gayant Gayanttequieros
60This French beer, spiked with tequila, has a Jekyll and Hyde personality: one moment it is sugary sweet, the next uncompromisingly bitter. More of an alcopop than a serious beer.

Les Brasseurs De Gayant La Biere du Demon

Les Brasseurs De Gayant La Biere du Demon
72A strong-tasting, golden beer that has plenty of punch but doesn't really deliver in character. The palate dries rather quickly, preventing a true roundness of flavour.

Les Brasseurs De Gayant La Goudale

Les Brasseurs De Gayant La Goudale
78On this evidence, an enjoyable but not particularly complex beer. It's basically sweet and then gets more bitter, but my earlier tastings of this strong, golden French ale have shown up more of an app...

Tesco Finest French Wheat Beer

Tesco Finest French Wheat Beer
78A quaffable, interesting take on the blanche/witbier style, served in a large corked bottle that opens with a healthy pop.

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