Beer Producing Countries

Beer producing regions and countries

Beer is brewed in almost every country of the world, and if we have tasted it then it will appear under its country of production.

Czech Republic

Bernard Cerne Pivo Editors Choice - Winner

Bernard Cerne Pivo
An interesting and complex, unpasteurised, fresh-tasting black lager from a family-run Czech brewery.

Budweiser Budvar Czech Dark Lager Editors Choice - Winner

Budweiser Budvar Czech Dark Lager
80The mellow roasted grain flavours are very enjoyable but it's the crispness and lightness that are the making of this beer.

Budweiser Budvar Original Editors Choice - Winner

Budweiser Budvar Original
85Less hoppy and in your face than many Czech beers but classy and refined.

Budwesier Budvar  Czech Dark Lager
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Lager - Winner World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Dark Lager - Winner World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Dark Premium Lager - Winner Editors Choice - Winner

Budwesier Budvar Czech Dark Lager
88Clean, crisp and loaded with flavour. Full of character and taste yet surprisingly mellow at the same time. An excellent addition to the Budvar range.

Gambrinus Premium

Gambrinus Premium
75A very drinkable but not especially exciting premium lager.

Gambrinus Se Snizenym Obsahem Cukru

Gambrinus Se Snizenym Obsahem Cukru
73A low-sugar beer for special diets that certainly misses the full malty character of a normal beer.

Gambrinus  Svetle Pivo

Gambrinus Svetle Pivo
75It's not a bad session lager but it just lacks a little refinement.

Gold Bohemia

Gold Bohemia
78While it could be a little more subtle in places, this is a good value, enjoyable beer with the distinctive Czech thumbprint. The contents are far better than the understated, uninformative bottle wou...

Klasik Svetle Pivo

Klasik Svetle Pivo
63A very light lager with notable hop character but little else to offer.

Kozel  11 Medium

Kozel 11 Medium
68Plenty of hop character, but too dry. Needs a fuller malt base.

Kozel Premium

Kozel Premium
78A very good, nicely balanced beer that – if there is a down side – unfortunately tastes just a bit tired. Would love to try a fresher sample (even better if unpasteurised).

Krusovice Cerne

Krusovice Cerne
75A tasty but very light-bodied beer, in line with its modest strength.

Krusovice Imperial

Krusovice Imperial
75An interesting alternative to the sweeter, more full-bodied pilsners but the lack of body makes it a little unsatisfying.


73It may lack depth and character, but this is still a pleasant enough drink.

Pilsner Urquell Recommended - Winner

Pilsner Urquell
83An art treasure that needs a little restoration. Still a very fine beer with remarkable body for its strength, but not as classy as it used to be.

Pivovar Bud?jovický Budvar Budweiser Budvar

Pivovar Bud?jovický Budvar Budweiser Budvar
77Not so promising to start, but eventually the soft, smoothness of the taste comes through, underlining its class.

Primátor Double 24% Recommended - Winner

Primátor Double 24%
83An exceptionally sweet Czech porter – complex and packed with flavour.

Primator Exklusiv 16%
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Strong Lager - Winner

Primator Exklusiv 16%
Clear, golden yellow, nice white head. Pepper, metal and tobacco aroma. Remarkably fruity for a lager. Complex malty palate, balanced with enough bitterness to remain perfectly drinkable. A lovely tac...

Primator Premium Dark

Primator Premium Dark
Rich chocolate aroma and flavour but with malt and hop dryness, grass and caramel aroma. Sweet and sugary in the mouth with a trace of roast and resinous hop. A rich, subtle and extremely drinkable da...

Primus Svetle Pivo

Primus Svetle Pivo
63Plenty of taste but unfortunately not much class.

Radegast Original

Radegast Original
70An adequate light lager with plenty of flavour. Could do with a bit more zing.

Radegast Premium

Radegast Premium
A flavoursome premium lager perhaps over-dependent on an oily hoppiness.

Regent Bohemia Dark Lager

Regent Bohemia Dark Lager
75An enjoyable dark Czech beer that has been available in the UK for a number of years.

Regent Bohemia Regent

Regent Bohemia Regent
78An enjoyable premium lager, medium bodied and well balanced with fine, tangy, herbal flavours.

Regent Prezident

Regent Prezident
70Somewhat disappointing, lacking smoothness and ending rather feebly for a beer of this ABV.

Vielkopopovieky Kozel Svetly

Vielkopopovieky Kozel Svetly
78A decent, quaffing lager with good hop character. Some might describe it as delicate; others may suggest it lacks flavour. I side with the first view.

Zatec Export Recommended - Winner

Zatec Export
80A well-made, classy beer, with a very unusual, subtle fruit character.

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