Beer Producing Countries

Beer producing regions and countries

Beer is brewed in almost every country of the world, and if we have tasted it then it will appear under its country of production.


Great Western Light

Great Western Light
Palest gold in colour, an inch of loose foam that steadily recedes, neither fast or too slow.... Nose has hints of lemon, malt and vanilla; more echoes of vanilla and lemon on the palate, quick on the...

Russell BC Lions Lager

Russell BC Lions Lager
59A straw-coloured, canned lager, ‘the official beer of the BC Lions', a American football team in Vancouver. Unfortunately, it's all a bit clumsy and dominated by butterscotch (diacetyl) from the fer...

Toronto the good
Canada is a major player in the beer revolution that is sweeping North America. Robert Hughey seeks out the beer venues in its largest city.

Everything you need to know about... fruit
In the latest in our series Nigel Huddleston looks at the role fruit can play in the production of quality beers from around the world

Canada - The great white north
Don Tse takes us on a journey to discover the beers and breweries of Canada.

South West: Beer booming in Hardy country
The South West of England is associated with cider production but it has a thriving brewery industry too. Adrian Tierney-Jones acts as tour guide

Scotland's new national drink
The opportunity to drink a few beers in Scotland has Alastair Gilmour on a ‘high'.

Black Magic
Roger Protz travels to St James's Gate Brewery in Dublin to celebrate the iconic brand's 250th birthday.