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Meantime Chocolate
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Chocolate Beer - Winner Recommended - Winner

Meantime Chocolate
85Like Young's more famous Double Chocolate Stout, this porter includes a little chocolate to enhance the dark malt flavours. A real treat with a chocolate brownie.

Meantime Coffee
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Coffee Beer - Winner Recommended - Winner

Meantime Coffee
85A garnet-coloured porter enhanced by the use of fresh coffee (note: contains caffeine). Cleverly done and rapidly becoming a classic.

Meantime Indian Pale Ale Recommended - Winner

Meantime Indian Pale Ale
88Another beer that justly earned rave reviews on these pages previously. Retasted here, it again scores very highly.

Meantime IPA

Meantime IPA
90An impressive beer from first sight – in its corked Champagne-like bottle – right through to the lasting finish. A must for anyone who loves the taste of fresh hops. Bottle conditioned.

Meantime London Pale Ale Recommended - Winner

Meantime London Pale Ale
80With its hedgerow-grassy character, this golden ale seems to offer more of a taste of the countryside than of the capital city, but it's an interesting, full flavoured beer with lots of character.

Meantime London Porter

Meantime London Porter
90An exceptionally good, authentic, deep-ruby porter, bottle conditioned to be light, fresh and easy to drink. Not to be missed.

Meantime London Porter Recommended - Winner

Meantime London Porter
85Complex – far more than a straight roasted-grain-dominated porter – but easy-drinking, despite its obvious strength. Good light body, too, and splendid corked-bottle presentation.

Meantime London Stout Recommended - Winner

Meantime London Stout
83An excellent stout, clean, fresh and packed with flavour for its relatively modest strength. Perhaps a little light on the swallow, but it finishes well.

Meantime Meantime Rasberry Grand Cru

Meantime Meantime Rasberry Grand Cru
81A refreshing, challenging, golden beer with a red blush, displaying skilful and well judged use of fruit.

Meantime Pilsner Recommended - Winner

Meantime Pilsner
83This beer was tasted anonymously alongside the German pilsners featured later in this section and the score reveals that it more than held its own. A fine beer with bags of taste, packed with hop char...

Meantime Raspberry Grand CRU
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Flavoured Wheat Beer - Winner Editors Choice - Winner

Meantime Raspberry Grand CRU
78This is a stronger version of the pleasant Taste the Difference Raspberry Wheat Beer that Meantime brews for Sainsbury's. But it's fuller, it's sweeter and it has a better balance and a kinder finish ...

Meantime Union
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Vienna Red Premium Lager - Winner Editors Choice - Winner

Meantime Union
80A tasty, quaffable and well balanced beer. The Cascade hops are held nicely in check in this Vienna-style lager.

Meantime Wheat Grand CRU
World Beer Awards 2007 World's Best Grain Only Wheat Beer - Winner – Tied

Meantime Wheat Grand CRU
Tart fruit and cloves. Typical wheaty sourness with hints of toffee and a touch of pepper. Refreshing and spicy with a good alcoholic warmth.

Meantime Winter Time

Meantime Winter Time
80A new, bottle-conditioned creation not far removed from the same brewery's Chocolate and Coffee beers (see porters section). Flavour packed but perhaps just a touch cloying in places.

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