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Kronenbourg  Blanc

Kronenbourg Blanc
68The white bottle is a triumph of style over substance. It says absolutely nothing about the beer, which itself is a bit of an enigma. This tastes has none and tastes very artificial. Beer lovers will...

Truly madly Munich
Relaxing with a few beers – oh, and maybe a chicken – is part of the Bavarian way of life for men and women, young and old. Andrew Burnyeat reports

Parisian style
Adrian Tierney-Jones scouts out the best beers and the best bars in the French capital

Western Europe - Beer from wine country
Although better associated with grape than grain, the nations of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal still have much to offer the beer lover. Richard Jones reports

Treasures of the North East
There's a lot of very good beer produced between Berwick upon Tweed and Middlesbrough, writes Alastair Gilmour.