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Hampshire Hare

Hampshire Hare
50Spoiled by the rough alcoholic notes.

Hampshire Laughing Leprechaun

Hampshire Laughing Leprechaun
75Clean and tasty but a little thin for its strength.

Hampshire Mayhem Recommended - Winner

Hampshire Mayhem
80A well-balanced and interesting mild, combining sweet and roasted flavours very nicely.

Hampshire Pride of Romsey

Hampshire Pride of Romsey
78A tasty, nicely balanced, copper coloured beer with a prominent but happily not over-stated hoppiness.

Hampshire T'ale of the Dragon

Hampshire T'ale of the Dragon
73A robust beer for hop lovers, probably not balanced enough for other drinkers.

Hampshire The Bee's Knees

Hampshire The Bee's Knees
50A hazy yellow beer that keeps the honey in check. The sharpness indicates that this particular sample was probably not at its best.

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