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Eisenbahn 5 Anos

Eisenbahn 5 Anos
78A celebratory beer in the Vienna lager style, marking five years of the founding of this Brazilian brewery. Crisp, clean and not as sweet as expected. Dry hopped, and it shows.

Eisenbahn Dunkel

Eisenbahn Dunkel
85A clean-tasting, highly quaffable showcase for dark malts without the heaviness of a stout or a porter. The first of this month's excellent beers from a Brazilian microbrewery.

Eisenbahn Kölsch Recommended - Winner

Eisenbahn Kölsch
80A homage to Cologne's great contribution to the beer world. Like all fine Kölsch, this one has the aromatics of an ale but the crisp, clean, spritzy character of a lager. A perfect aperitif drink.

Eisenbahn Lust Editors Choice - Winner

Eisenbahn Lust
85Brewed to be the beer equivalent of Champagne, which means foaming, noisy bubbles are a big part of the package. But beware: all this lively CO2 somewhat deflects your attention from the high alcohol ...

Eisenbahn Pale Ale

Eisenbahn Pale Ale
75An unusual pale ale. Not as crisp as most British or American versions, with a creamy texture throughout.

Eisenbahn Rauchbier Recommended - Winner

Eisenbahn Rauchbier
83A very fine take on the German smoked beer style, well balanced, light bodied and refreshing for the ABV.

Eisenbahn Strong Golden Ale Editors Choice - Winner

Eisenbahn Strong Golden Ale
85A strong ale in the Belgian style but very well balanced and not at all clumsy for the strength. The tropical fruit notes would make it great for washing down a curry, especially with chutney and popp...

Eisenbahn Weisenbock Recommended - Winner

Eisenbahn Weisenbock
80Another fine beer from this Brazilian craft brewery. It has set its sights high with this one, with Schneider's Aventinus the top of the tree for this style, but it's a very good effort.

Eisenbahn Weizenbier

Eisenbahn Weizenbier
75Not the subtlest of weissbiers, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with it either.

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